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Oregon public retirement

The financial planning playbook for oregon public servants

We are on a mission to empower Oregon public servants with the tools and encouragement it takes to take control of their finances and retire with confidence! This book will share the information and strategies public servants need to optimize benefits, investment distributions, Social Security, Medicare, tax planning and much more. This book will not give you some magic one size fits all investment portfolio. There is no such thing. It’s also not a get-rich-quick book or a book about budgeting.

This book is not for the general public; it is designed to speak specifically to Oregon public servants who are active, inactive, or retired and seek to learn more about how to create or continue a confident retirement. The strategies that apply to Medicare, Social Security, real estate investing, and others are all from the perspective of a household with access to other Oregon public benefits.

We will walk through the following Oregon public benefit systems:

  • Oregon PERS General Service and Police & Fire (Tier 1, Tier 2, & OPSRP)

  • Judge Member Program (Plans A & B)

  • City of Portland (FPDR 1, FPDR 2, & FPDR 3)

  • Oregon Public University Retirement Plans (ORP)

retirement roadmap example

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