we combine extensive research, due diligence and portfolio modeling that results in a smart strategy designed for you and your family.

A personalized approach

Every investment strategy begins with a conversation. We discuss your investment history and experience, your short and long-term needs, your retirement horizon, and the level of risk you are comfortable taking in order to clarify and better define your investment goals. Then we draw on these insights to build a diversified portfolio that’s closely aligned with your financial objectives.

We are “evidence-based” advisors.  We don’t make decisions based on “hot” market trends. We don’t engage in stock picking, market timing, or trying to select outperforming, actively managed mutual funds. 

The evidence underlying our approach to investments is overwhelming and compelling. It’s endorsed by Nobel Laureates in Economics (Eugene Fama, Harry Markowitz, Paul Samuelson, Merton Miller, Daniel Kahneman, William Sharpe); investing legends like Warren Buffett and David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer, Yale University Endowment Fund; and hundreds of peer-reviewed articles published in prestigious financial journals.

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